Founder of The Bee's Knees and A-GENT TOKYO

Born in Germany, Risa graduated from Goldsmith University of London in fine arts. Her career has started with casting Hollywood celebrities for Japanese clients in broadcasting industry. With ten years of experiences at GAS AS INTERFACE in international public relations, artist management, licensing, management, HR and project management, she found herself at en one tokyo to produce events, consulting traditional Japanese craft companies, product development and curating international exhibitions. Initially from a start-up project at en one tokyo, she established A-GENT TOKYO as her company in 2017. She has been working for several brands like Uniqlo as a creative consultant.

1982年ドイツ生まれ。ロンドン大学ゴールドスミス校でBA FINE ART卒業。卒業後、株式会社GPTにてハリウッドセレブの日本でのCMのキャスティングを行う会社に勤めた後、GAS AS INTERFACEにて海外渉外として国内外の作家のマネジメント業務及び、ユニクロのライセンス担当を8年間務める。最後の2年間は経営企画室のメンバーとして、人材・プロジェクトマネジメントや、新規事業の立ち上げに携わる。2014年より、en one tokyo株式会社にてイベントのプロデュース、日本のものつくりを行うメーカーのコンサルティング、商品企画、国内外でのエキシビジョンのプロデュース業に従事。2016年にA-GENT TOKYOをen one tokyo社内ベンチャーとして立ち上げ、2017年にA GENT TOKYOを法人化、現在に至る。現在ユニクロをはじめ、様々な企業向けにクリエイティブ・コンサルタントとして多岐にわたるプロジェクトを手がける。



Creative Director

Yoshi was born and grew up in Tokyo. She studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins after she finished business degree at Aoyama Gakuin University. Whilst her student life, she had several internship experiences in fashion maison, editorial and art business. After working as a producer in Tokyo and pursuing her dream as a freelance graphic designer in London, she found her passion in artist management as well as in charge of art/creative directions and design. She also writes about herself for online magazines and enjoys craft such as printing. She loves summer but hates winter.

1991年東京生まれ。青山学院大学でビジネスを専攻したのちロンドンのセントラルセントマーチンズでグラフィックデザインを学び、在学中にファッションブランド・雑誌編集・アートビジネスなどのインターンを行う。東京のクリエイティブエージェンシーにてプロデューサー、ロンドンにてフリーランスのグラフィックデザイナーを経てThe Bee’s Kneesに参加。クリエイティブ・アートディレクション、デザインの傍らクリエイティブコレクティブsloganとしてデザイン活動や、ライター活動も行う。好きなものは夏、嫌いなものは冬。



Creative Planner

Born in 1982, Fumiko studied glass works at Tama Art University. She worked for a gallery called CALM & PUNK after graduation and holding several exhibitions and workshops as well as publishing the books with artists. Her creative enthusiasm leads her to work in product development, branding, marketing, PR and licensing at GAS AS INTERFACE after. Now with two kids, the busy mom is with us to work for fun projects. 

1982年生まれ。多摩美術大学工芸学科でガラスを専攻。卒業後はCALM & PUNK GALLERYにてギャラリーの運営に携わる。アーティストの展示とともにワークショップを多数実施、作品集の出版も手がける。その後はGAS AS INTERFACEに勤務。アパレルや雑貨、食品などの商品企画、ブランディング、マーケティング、PR、ライセンスなど業務の範囲は多岐に及ぶ。退社後、二児の母となり、The Bee’s Kneesへ。楽しい毎日に感謝!!


MAI Nakazawa


Mai was born in Germany in 1984 and grew up in Tokyo, spent high school days in a daily farm in Hokkaido. Loving farming and backpacking, but she pursued her another passion which is design as an architect. After working and getting qualification as an architect in Tokyo, she moved to mountain area celled Yatsugatake with her two boys and living surrounded by plants, vegetables and flowers which she grows.  




Strategic Planner

Daijiro was born in down town of Tokyo in 1977. After working for a company called SK Japan doing licensing for manga characters and product development, he joined UT team at Uniqlo in 2011. After managing several collaborations and licensing projects with many artists from all around the world, he also took in charge of collaboration projects at GU. He joined us to achieve our slogan “art for all” together in 2018. As a member of a surf team called Tide Cowboys, he is a business man on weekdays and a surfer dad on weekends.   

1977年東京下町生まれ。株式会社エスケイジャパンでキャラクターや漫画、アニメなどのライセンス、商品企画のマネージメント業務を10年以上勤め、2011年にユニクロのUT事業部へ入社。UTのコラボレーション企画、ライセンス業務で様々なプロジェクトを担当し、その後GUへ異動しコラボレーション業務全般を請け負う。The Bee's Kneesの「世界を少しだけクリエイティブの力で良くしたい」というスローガンに賛同し、現在に至る。Surf Team「Tide Cowboys」のメンバー。